Lyrical Dance Costumes–Be Ready to Take the Stage

The beauty of lyrical dance is best enhanced when dancers wear flouncy lyrical dance costumes designed from quality materials. Movement and flow is key to this dancewear. While many dance stores charge a pretty penny for lyrical dance costumes, you can save money at Online Dancewear. Check out our dance shoes.
Lyrical Dance Costumes
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Flowing Lyrical Dance Costumes for Less

Save money on quality lyrical dance costumes at Online Dancewear. We have all the latest styles and fashions at lower prices than other dance wear stores. These lyrical dance costumes will sure be a show stopper at any dance recital your dancer is a part of.
Black leotards with mesh skirts
• Leotard blended with long, glitter skirts
• Bodysuits and unitards for lyrical numbers
• Character costumes with varying length skirts
• Baby doll dresses with chiffon skirts
Online Dancewear also carries accessories and footwear for lyrical dance. Explore our numerous combinations of quality lyrical dance costumes to create just the right look. Our line of name brand, lyrical dance costumes are sold for substantially less than what you’d find at the local boutique.

Contact Online Dancewear at 800-410-1556 today. Get more for less and sign up for our promotional discounts or request a catalog. Check out our site for the full line of dancewear, shoes and accessories to complement your lyrical dance costumes.

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