Hip Hop Shoes that Express Your Passion

Feel the energy and power of rap dancing in hip hop shoes from Online Dancewear. Hip hop requires physical stamina, some aerial work and high impact, which makes wearing quality hip hop shoes important. Your dance performance will exude brilliance with name brand hip hop shoes. Check out our hip hop dance costumes!
Hip Hop Shoes
Clearance Low Top Dance Sneaker 214 $35.50
Clearance Mesh Jazz Sneaker 217 $20.99
Gotta Flurt Clearance Sneaker DISCO2 $24.89
Gotta Flurt Clearance Glitter High Top CA-MYSTIQUEH $19.99
Gotta Flurt Clearance Sequin Super High Top Sneaker GALAXY $19.99
Gotta Flurt Clearance High Top Sneaker HIPHOP2 $18.99
Capezio Clearance Dansneaker DS03 $36.00
Capezio Clearance Dansneaker DS03A $36.00
Capezio Clearance Dansneaker DS11 $55.20
Capezio Clearance Dansneaker DS11A $55.20
Capezio Clearance Fierce Dansneaker DS11C $34.99
Gia Mia Dancewear Clearance Kombat Boot GS3 $29.99 - $44.95
Gia Mia Dancewear Clearance Flash Sneaker GS4 $35.99
Gotta Flurt Clearance Sneaker DISCO2G $22.99
Bloch Clearance Canvas Sneaker S0528 $45.99
Bloch Clearance Mesh Dance Sneaker S0538 $44.72 - $49.00
Gotta Flurt Clearance High Top WILDLIFE $17.99
Gotta Flurt Clearance Zebra High Top WILDLIFE-G $19.99

High Quality Hip Hop Shoes to Kick Up Your Performance and Make Your Wallet Sing

Breaking, popping or locking should be limited to your dance style; not associated with your wallet! Feel the urban vibe in well made, fashionable hip hop shoes from Online Dancewear. Our authentic line of hip hop shoes and dance shoes will enhance your performance and keep you popping and locking.

How to select the right pair of hip hop shoes:
• Choose sneakers that allow you to flex, point, turn and jump
• Light, strong and durable hip hop sneakers are ideal for both regular hip hop and breakdancing
• Style is almost as important as function. Choose designs wisely to accommodate costumes and attitude
• Choose hip hop sneakers that provide stable ankle support and fit well
• Consider top name brands such as Bloch and Capezio
• Remember that quality does not have to come at a high price!
Contact Online Dancewear at 800-410-1556 and don’t forget to sign up for our online promotional offers. Check out our site for the full line of dancewear and accessories to complement your hip hop shoes.

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