Discount Dance Tights from Name Brand Designers

Dance tights must be well made enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday class. However, cheap tights usually end up with rips and tears – sometimes on the first day of wear. Go for name brand quality dance tights without paying “name brand prices” at Online Dancewear. Online Dancewear offers terrific prices on an endless selection of dance tights and dance clothing in funky styles, colors and types.
Dance Tights
All Ballet Tights
Capezio Clearance Ultra Shimmery Tight 1808C $9.35
Capezio Clearance Full Body Tight 1811 $19.13
Capezio Clearance Transition Tight 1816 $12.16
Capezio Clearance Transition Tight 1816C $10.40
Capezio Clearance Tight 1821 $13.18
All Capezio Tights
Capezio Clearance Hold and Stretch Tight N14C $11.48
Capezio Clearance Tight N14 $13.60
Capezio Clearance Ultra Shimmery Tight 1808 $11.05
Capezio Clearance Self Knit Waistband Tight 1916C $11.05
Capezio Clearance Self Knit Waistband Tight 1916 $12.92
All Dance Tights
Clearance Tight 220 $3.99 - $7.99
Clearance Unitight 237 $14.99
Body Wrappers Clearance Stirrup Tight C32 $10.35
Body Wrappers Clearance Stirrup Tight A32 $11.92
Clearance Fishnet Tight 302 $4.99 - $12.50

Dance Tights in a Rainbow of Colors and Styles

Almost every dancer has a pair of dancing shoes and dance tights in her dance bag. However, name brands such as Capezio, Bloch, and Body Wrapper dance tights can tend to be expensive – but not when you shop at Online Dancewear. You have so many options for dance tights – whether you need something fun and funky for a jazz number or you need ballet tights:
• Full foot, crop, stirrup or conversion tights
• Wild styles such as fishnet, zebra, stripped or tie dye
• Jeweled adornment tights
• Full spectrum of colors to go with your dance costume
Don’t let the cost of dance tights bring you down…Online Dancewear is your discount connection to all the leading brands, styles and fashions.

Contact Online Dancewear at 800-410-1556. Request a catalog so you can always have it ready on hand for more quick and easy dancewear shopping!

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